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Everything You Need to Know About Retargeting – a Perfect Audience and HubSpot eBook

In the old days of advertising, the name of the game was reach and frequency. Brands preferred mass media vehicles like television and radio, because they were the easiest means to reach large audiences and build brand awareness. Obviously, this meant the most effective advertising campaigns were dominated by the biggest brands with the largest […]

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5 Ways the Smart SEM Manager Prepares for the Holidays

This is a guest post from Dionte Pounds, Account Manager at 3Q Digital. Businesses kick their marketing efforts into high gear during the holiday season – which is technically from Thanksgiving until the New Year, even though I’ve seen people hanging Christmas lights from their windows before others start carving pumpkins. Many times, businesses depend on […]

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DKI – A Good or Bad Thing?

Depending on who you ask, some search marketers will tell you that dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) hurts conversions. DKI is designed to be an advanced feature, one that can help you dynamically modify parts of your ads to include the keywords that trigger the ad in question. Still, according to the general feeling out there, […]

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3 Simple Ways to Target on Twitter

Twitter continues to enable real-time, highly personalized information to the tune of 500 million tweets a day. But how can you use this information to target specific audience segments? Here are a few tips to help you better understand, identify, and target high-value audiences on Twitter.  1. Incorporate User-Based Signals Twitter users provide a wealth […]

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Apple’s Core Strengths – Technology Buzz Meets Launch Event Hype

Apple keynotes are exactly what we’ve come to expect – huge events for mobile users around the world, highlighting the latest and exciting upgrades, features, and new products. This September was no different. Apple’s Event Increases Ad Spend and CTR At this year’s Special Event, technophiles the world over tuned in to see what the […]

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Google and Bing Shopping Ads: 3 Trends to Watch

On the heels of Google’s success with Product Listing Ads and Shopping Campaigns, other publishers have developed their own product ad platforms, most notably Bing with its Product Ads and Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads. These major players have proven that shopping ads are a viable and highly effective marketing investment for digital advertisers. And, shopping […]

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How to Incorporate Native Advertising into Your Marketing Strategy

There’s been a lot of debate as to the exact definition of native advertising. Still, there is general consensus in the industry that the definition from the IAB Native Playbook is on point: “[Native advertising refers to] paid ads that are so cohesive with the page content, assimilated into the design, and consistent with the […]

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HubSpot Connect – Integrating to Build Stronger Customer Relationships

A couple months ago, we announced a partnership with HubSpot. We’ve since been helping joint HubSpot and Perfect Audience customers connect their inbound and outbound marketing efforts more seamlessly. By automatically building retargeting lists based on HubSpot landing pages and Smart Lists, we’ve made it incredibly simple for HubSpot customers to build targeted, intelligent retargeting […]

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Google Chrome Blocks Adobe Flash Ads – and What That Means for You

In the obituary for Adobe Flash, September 1, 2015 will stand out as the day Google felled Adobe Flash with a mortal wound. As was originally reported in the Wall Street Journal, Google announced that its Chrome browser will block Internet ads that use Adobe Flash technology. With Chrome holding 60%+ market share, this essentially […]

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3 Reasons Why Advertising on Instagram Has Never Been Easier

“There are too many options! How do I know where to put my social advertising dollars?” It’s a common scenario that every marketer faces, but thankfully Instagram has made your decision a lot easier by establishing itself as a clear and effective option. How did they do that, you ask? They made it easy in […]

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