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Boom or Bust? Using Split Testing to Measure Your Facebook Marketing Performance

You’re beaming, proud, and ready to rake in a massive amount of leads. Why? Because—you’ve got two brilliantly designed sets of ad creative and you’re ready to set ‘em loose to the hungry, scrolling consumer masses. How do you know if your campaign will be a boom or bust? Can you even test such a […]

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Marin Software’s 2017 Digital Marketing Forecast

There’s no doubt that the options for advertisers are growing by the day. So, as we start 2017, what should marketers be looking at to stay relevant and competitive? We spoke to market experts across social, search, and omnichannel to ask: what can marketers expect to see in 2017? From location beacons to artificial intelligence—here is […]

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Boost Media’s Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2017

This is a guest post from Suzie Kronberger, VP of Marketing and Revenue Operations at Boost Media. By the end of this year, digital will overtake TV ad spending in the U.S. for the first time—digital ad spend will reach $72B and TV will grow to $71B. Strategies that worked one year aren’t guaranteed to […]

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Product Listing Ads for the Uninitiated

This is a guest post from Dionte Pounds, Account Manager at 3Q Digital. Product listing ads, or PLAs, are an incredibly successful strategy for e-commerce companies to promote available product inventory on Google and Bing. Unlike standard search ads, PLAs incorporate a visual image over a text description to show the user the product they’re […]

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I Can See Clearly Now: a Nod to Transparent Data

This is the final post in a series on transparency. In today’s article, we look at data transparency, why it’s important, and the elements of a transparent data model. We’ve reached the last article in our series on transparency in programmatic display advertising. For those of you just tuning in, let’s quickly recap: In How […]

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All You Need to Know to Win Big with Lead Gen Ads

Lead generation ads have many benefits, and are a great way of connecting with the people most likely to want your products. Looking to get even more qualified leads? Then lead gen ads are for you. Here a few things to keep in mind to get the best results and yes, “win big.” Best Practices […]

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The AdWords Performance Pizza: 8 Ways To Dominate Your Competition

This marketing infographic is part of KlientBoost’s 25-part series. We’re super excited to partner with them so you can enjoy a new gifographic once a day in your inbox. You should subscribe here. If you’re already using Google AdWords to your advantage, there’s a good chance you’re using pizza to your advantage, too. Not when […]

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An Interview with Rob Emery, Product Manager

The people at Marin are as unique as the work we do. Our Life at Marin series highlights the expertise, passions, and backgrounds of our fellow Marinites. What do you currently do at Marin Software? Were there other roles that you previously held here? I’m a Senior Product Manager on Marin Search. When I joined Marin, […]

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Healthcare Advertising is in Good Condition and Growing Stronger

According to Charles Schwab, demand for healthcare products and services is on the rise. And, despite the uncertain regulatory outlook heading into the new year, if spending and clicks are any indication, then consumers and healthcare advertisers can boast of a clean bill of health. We took a look at the Marin Advertising Index to […]

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Your Content Knows Best: the Case for Dynamic Search Ads

This is a guest post from Jacob Ehrnstein, Search Account Manager at 3Q Digital. One of the search marketer’s best weapons is a Dynamic Search campaign. As you may or may not know, Dynamic Search campaigns rely not on keywords for targeting, but instead use your site’s content to create and target your ads based […]

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