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Marin Masters San Francisco at the Terra Gallery – Top Takeaways and Favorite Tweets

We held our sixth annual Marin Masters San Francisco on Thursday, October 15th. Marin Masters is unique in that it allows us to bring together our customers and partners in one room to share ideas, talk about the latest digital marketing trends, and network. Beyond the food and drinks, there was a lot on offer. […]

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On the Air and in the Seats: Using Offline Moments to Drive Social Engagement

According to Time Warner, 65% of people with a smartphone and tablet are likely to use social media while watching TV. From tweeting along during The Voice, to posting game-day Facebook statuses while watching our favorite teams, social media is now a virtual living room. So what can digital advertisers do to capitalize on these multi-screen […]

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Faster Audience Onboarding for Mobile Retargeting with AppsFlyer, Tune, and adjust

The next step beyond the app install Once you’ve driven the app install, what happens next? Retention is a significant challenge for mobile app developers. Reports have shown that over 80% of mobile apps are abandoned within the first week of install. Reaching those abandoners quickly is essential if you want them to return to […]

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3 Tips for Retail Advertisers to Maximize Results Over the Holiday Shopping Season

The holidays are a busy time of year for retail advertisers. Outside of work, their lives are packed with relatives, shopping, menu planning, and social events. Add launching holiday promotions, bid management, and budgeting to the agenda and they have an even longer to-do list in the middle of an already stressful holiday season. To […]

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How to Set the Right Lookback Window for
Every Audience

It’s good strategy to periodically review your retargeting campaigns to make sure you’re hitting your volume and performance goals. An important part of that is setting the right lookback window for each of your audiences. This post discusses lookback windows, why they’re important, and how to set or change them in Marin Display. What is a lookback […]

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Planning Your Media Budget and KPIs for the Holiday Season

Managing your holiday media budget is key to maximizing performance during the annual shopping frenzy. Without the right strategy in place, you risk over-investing in an under-performing segment of your program, while leaving opportunity on the table in another area. Metrics that matter Before planning your holiday media budget, understand metrics. CPCs and CPMs increase […]

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5 Ways to Maximize Results Throughout the Day

Today’s retail advertisers have to constantly deal with many different factors simultaneously – direct competition, changes in consumer behaviors, and staying on top of industry innovations and trends, just to name a few. All of this can be quite overwhelming, especially with the holidays quickly approaching. To alleviate the stresses of the season for retail […]

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5 Steps to Victory in the Holiday Advertising Game

We continue to get closer and closer to the busiest time of year for e-commerce businesses and the most festive for online consumer traffic. Our teams at Marin Software have even more tips and tricks for making sure you’re amply prepared. To help you prepare your accounts for the holidays and top your competitors, we’ve […]

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How to Use AdWords Location Ad Customizers

This is a guest post from Jonathan Levey, Digital Marketing Manager at OneSky. Google AdWords location ad customizers represent a pay-per-click (PPC) way to target a specific audience in a specific location. With location ad customizers, you can change details in your PPC ads dynamically, whether it’s color details, price, size, dimensions, countdowns, sales events, or […]

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Mastering Audience Segmentation This
Holiday Season

The countdown for the holiday season is on – which means now’s the perfect time to review your retargeting strategies and adjust accordingly. To ensure your retargeting campaigns are delivering the right message to the right audience, audience segmenting is essential. This post covers audience segmentation and the types of audiences you should have in […]

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