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Google Chrome Blocks Adobe Flash Ads – and What That Means for You

In the obituary for Adobe Flash, September 1, 2015 will stand out as the day Google felled Adobe Flash with a mortal wound. As was originally reported in the Wall Street Journal, Google announced that its Chrome browser will block Internet ads that use Adobe Flash technology. With Chrome holding 60%+ market share, this essentially […]

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3 Reasons Why Advertising on Instagram Has Never Been Easier

“There are too many options! How do I know where to put my social advertising dollars?” It’s a common scenario that every marketer faces, but thankfully Instagram has made your decision a lot easier by establishing itself as a clear and effective option. How did they do that, you ask? They made it easy in […]

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Vying for the Media Spotlight: How Current Presidential Contenders Measure Up

In the US, primaries have officially heated up as presidential hopefuls vie for attention on the political stage. Despite the customary complaints of a two-party system, the current slate of candidates represents every shade of the spectrum, and voters have a glut of choices. How do these choices translate to online performance? According to the […]

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Calling All Social Geeks! 2nd Annual Biggest Social Geek Contest Launches Today

Do you spend your days creating and optimizing social marketing campaigns? Are you focused on ROI, CPC, CPM, CVR, CPLC, and a million other acronyms? Do you regularly find yourself on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram – all for work? If so, you could be the 2015 Biggest Social Geek! We’re looking for somebody who […]

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Back-to-School Means Back-to-Business

Summer vacation is winding down and families are getting ready to go back to school as soon as August hits. The upcoming school year means back-to-school sales are right around the corner. For education advertisers and retailers, this is an important period where their audience is looking for educational goods and services. It’s the time […]

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3 Cross-Channel Advertising Strategies for Search, Social, and Display

Over 65% of online revenue now comes from purchases made across more than one digital channel. With this in mind, it’s essential that marketers use cross-channel strategies, rather than just looking at each digital channel in a silo. Using the right technology, you can reach the same users across search, social, and display, engaging with […]

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Marin Software and Boost Media Expand Partnership To Bring Customers Highly Relevant Ad Creative

Boost Media is excited to partner with Marin Software, the leading cross-channel performance advertising cloud. Through the complementary nature of the two platforms, Marin customers will now be able to leverage Boost Media’s curated marketplace of expert copywriters and testing technology to optimize creative across search, social, and display campaigns. The combination of Boost Media […]

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How to Design Ad Campaigns that Resonate: Combining Intent and Personas

As we delve deeper into audience marketing and programmatic, we often talk about this ideal scenario of delivering the right message to the right person at the right moment. However, in that scenario, often times the focus on the “right message” gets buried. Acquiring data has become easier and more automated, but the same can’t […]

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Marin Social Integrates with Instagram

One of the fastest-growing major mobile properties, Instagram is home to an engaged and authentic community of over 300 million users. Each day, they share an average of 70 million photos and give out 2.5 billion likes. But more than that, Instagram is a deeply meaningful part of their lives…

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5 Ways Search Data Can Inform Your
Marketing Strategy

With Google processing more than 3.5 billion search queries in a single day, there’s a surprising amount of insight that can be gained by analyzing the content and user behaviors behind these searches. Studying your own paid search data can substantially benefit several areas of your marketing strategy, including product, pricing, competitive strategy, branding, and […]

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