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The Smartest Way to Advertise on Multiple Publishers

By June 24th, 2015

Many Search advertisers are growing their audience reach by advertising on multiple publishers. While Google may still be the dominant force in the market, Bing is quickly growing. An April 2015 study conducted by Merkle | RKG shows that spend in Bing for Q1 2015 grew 36%, compared to Google’s 13%.

As many savvy advertisers already know, by diversifying your advertising spend across multiple publishers, you’re not only reaching new audiences – you’re achieving lower CPCs from decreased competition. Thankfully, it’s not too late to take advantage of these benefits, as it’s now easier – and faster – than ever to incorporate new publishers into your Search advertising efforts. All it takes is enhanced ad campaign management and a firm understanding of each publisher’s unique value proposition.

Streamline Management

You most likely have established objects (accounts, campaigns, groups, etc.) in Google – now, you may want to run the same tried and true objects on other publishers. But, the thought of having to recreate every single campaign again from scratch is enough to cause you to cling to Google, instead of moving above and beyond.

Marin Smart Sync – Easily create and sync campaigns from Google

Thankfully, there are tools available today to help simplify a potentially overwhelming workflow. Platforms like Marin with Smart Sync allow you to pair objects in Google with other advertisers such as Bing. By selecting an object to pair, Smart Sync automatically copies the parent object in Google into Bing (the child object) – with a simple click of a button. Additionally, any changes that get made to the parent object in Google are automatically synced with the child object. This way, you’re essentially only managing the parent object in Google, but getting the added benefit of advertising on multiple publishers.

Understand the Unique Strengths of Each Publisher

When considering integrating another publisher into your advertising strategy, it’s important to include how the publisher is going to help you achieve your business goals. Certain publishers, like Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia, offer regional strengths. With strong local language support and more culturally relevant search results, they’ve steadily been holding onto the number one spot in Search in their respective countries.

Other publishers, like Bing, are partnered with Yahoo to offer an impressive expansive audience reach, with the ability to have ads displayed across the web properties of both publishers. Yahoo also has their Gemini offering, which allows advertisers to easily integrate Native advertising – the newest advertising format that’s gaining buzz in the digital advertising industry – into their search strategy. Additionally, Bing has grown its search share from 8% to 20% in just six years – making it an increasingly popular choice among advertisers. Understanding which publishers fit into your goals will help you reap the maximum benefits of advertising across multiple publishers.

A Single Solution for Advertising Across Publishers

Tools like Smart Sync make it easier than ever for advertisers to incorporate multiple publishers into their search advertising strategy. As John Cosley, Bing Ads Director of Brand and Digital Marketing, states, “We’re excited that Smart Sync will now make it easier for advertisers to create, manage and optimize their Bing Ads campaigns. Today Bing powers one in three searches in the US, and with Bing being integrated in the upcoming release of Windows 10, we expect our market share to continue to grow. With Smart Sync, advertisers now have an easier way to tap into Bing Ads’ growing audience while applying the freshest campaign strategies.”

If you’ve ever considered expanding your search advertising efforts beyond Google, now’s the time to give it a shot. With all the benefits that different publishers have to offer, and the alleviation of all the complexities of managing campaigns across them thanks to tools like Smart Sync, this is the moment to see what other publishers can do for you!

USA, UK, and Now the European Search Marketing Award for Marin

By April 24th, 2015

Nothing makes us more proud than having the privilege of taking home the European Search Award for Best PPC Management Software Suite, as we did this week in Berlin. But what makes this win extra sweet is that it represents the finishing touch in a successive streak of Search Award victories across the USA, UK and Europe, solidifying Marin’s position as the global leader in the search marketing industry.

photo (11)_rotated

To add a special touch to this PPC love story, we’ve also had the honor of sharing several of these triumphs with our clients. took home the most recent Dadi award for Best Use of Paid Search, and proved themselves a force to be reckoned with again on Wednesday securing the European Search Award for Best PPC Campaign. was also recognized at the EU Search Awards for Best In-House Team – an accolade that acknowledges a truly outstanding group that consistently exhibits unparalleled understanding and use of search as a digital marketing revenue driver.

This most recent Search Award win represents Marin’s seventh in the last five years, showing our unprecedented momentum since opening up shop in 2009. We look forward to many more years of growth and innovation supporting our clients in their cross-channel digital advertising efforts – and are currently having another shelf built as we strive for future award wins.

Marin to Acquire Europe’s #1 Social Advertising Platform

By February 5th, 2015

sigmaToday we announced our agreement to acquire the #1 social advertising platform in Europe, SocialMoov.

Social is now the fastest-growing category in the digital advertising space and a vital part of any marketing mix. Acquiring SocialMoov propels our social offering forward, and fulfills our vision of providing the industry’s most powerful cross-channel advertising cloud.

With the addition of SocialMoov, we are excited to provide:

  • Twitter and Facebook campaign management in a single easy-to-use interface
  • Intraday reporting and optimization for immediate insights any time of the day
  • Optimization based on budgets, product feeds, and even TV flight schedules
  • Access to new features including Multi-Product Ads and Reach & Frequency Targeting
  • Flexible audience segmentation to understand performance across any attribute

We are thrilled to have the social experts at SocialMoov join Marin as we offer our customers a best-in-class search, display and social toolset. To better understand the powerful results possible when integrating your social advertising with your search intent data, please get your copy of the best practice guide The Multiplier Effect of Integrating Search & Social Ads.

Since 2011, SocialMoov has grown to become an innovative social advertising platform boasting several accomplishments that can’t be overlooked. SocialMoov is a top-five global Facebook PMD, was the first European platform to develop Twitter support, and is the first to synchronize social advertising with TV ads – all undeniable achievements.

Marin customers will now be able to combine social campaign data with complementary data sets from their search and display campaigns, allowing advertisers to more accurately create, target, and convert audience segments across the web.

We are excited to continue to provide marketers a unified platform through which they can leverage the latest technological advancements in search, display and social advertising. If you want to learn more about how Marin can help you find and convert your highest value audiences across channels and devices, contact us.

You can also read more about today’s news in the press release and our SocialMoov acquisition FAQ, or check out this video.

Going Mobile: An Introduction to Cross-Device Targeting

By February 2nd, 2015

As marketers have increasingly taken an audience-centric approach to marketing, cross-device targeting has become an essential part of their marketing strategy. The promise of delivering a consistent and cohesive experience to customers across channels and devices is a key part of the value proposition.

In this post, we’ll go through some of the basics of cross-device targeting: What is it? How does it work? In subsequent posts, we’ll discuss the importance of ad delivery and also cover some best practices.

An Introduction to Cross-Device Targeting

You can break cross-device targeting into two distinct functions:

1. The first function is the “cross-device” piece – the ability to match data and identify a single user across multiple devices. The desktop-to-mobile scenario is one of the more popular use cases, but cross-device can also encompass desktop-to-desktop, mobile-to-mobile, and mobile-to-desktop (not to mention non-desktop/mobile devices, like TVs).

2. The second function represents the “targeting” aspect – the ability to deliver a targeted ad to that user across their different devices.

In this post, we’ll focus on the cross-device matching piece.

Matching Device IDs: Probabilistic vs. Deterministic

Accurately matching users across different devices is challenging. For example, a user accesses her phone from a coffeeshop in Hoboken on Monday, her office computer from Manhattan on Tuesday, and her tablet while on the road from an airport in Duluth on Wednesday. How can an advertiser know these three instances all reflect a single user?

There are two models for figuring this out:

1. The first method relies on identity data like login information or device IDs. This is known as deterministic matching. For example, if a user signs onto Facebook on their computer and their phone, an advertiser can be assured that both devices belong to the same the user.
2. The second method relies on statistical modeling to piece together a single identity based on multiple non-personally identifiable data points such as cookies, device data or browser data. This is known as probabilistic matching.

While deterministic matching is more accurate than probabilistic matching, it comes at the cost of data ownership, as the major owners of that login data – Facebook and Google – prevent advertisers from using it outside of their ecosystems. In contrast, while probabilistic matching trades off on some accuracy, advertisers can leverage their proprietary data however they want.

In practice, advertisers have to use a combination of both approaches to balance scale, performance and control.

In the next post, we’ll focus on the “targeting” part of the “cross-device targeting” equation, and how ad exchanges play an essential role in the process.

Prove Your SEM Chops in the 7th Annual Biggest Search Geek Contest

By December 16th, 2014

Do you spend your days managing keywords, creative, and bids for paid search campaigns? Are you caught up on the latest best practices and trends to gain that competitive edge? If so, you may be our next Biggest Search Geek!

Today, Marin Software and Search Marketing Expo are excited to announce the 7th Annual SMX Biggest Search Geek Contest, the popular quiz-based contest that tests your paid search industry knowledge. The contestant who answers the most questions correctly in the shortest amount of time will win a round trip for 2 to SMX West, an award presented onstage at the show, and their choice of an Apple iPad Mini, Playstation 4, or Xbox One.

What are you waiting for? Test your search IQ now and find out if you’re the geek to beat!

Who’s your Dadi? Marin Software & MoneySupermarket Win at Industry Awards

By October 3rd, 2014

Marin Software’s team in the UK has had a good start to October. The big news was our victory at The Dadi awards run by The Drum on October 1st. We were delighted to partner up with our client, MoneySupermarket, and win the award for “Use of Paid Search (PPC)”. The entry highlighted how MoneySupermarket took advantage of Marin’s open platform to integrate best-of-breed platforms and optimize search marketing using audience data, as described in this case study.

This is the second time this work has been recognized after it was awarded the “Best Use of Search – Finance” award at the European Search Awards earlier this year; the team at MoneySupermarket and the Marin Software team who worked on the account should be very proud! Congratulations to all our clients who also won at the Dadi’s. On top of this awards win, we also picked up a nomination for “Best PPC Management Software” at the UK Search Awards, which will take place later this year, cementing Marin Software’s position as a leader in the UK market.

Finally, we also spent a great couple of days over in Istanbul, Turkey where we were speaking and exhibiting at Webit Congress, a leading tech and online advertising summit in Eastern Europe. It was great to be there along with our new partner, Yandex, and a number of other leaders in the online advertising space exploring the trends in the Eastern European online advertising market. There are a number of thriving ecommerce brands and digital advertising agencies using online advertising in very interesting ways.

Jon Myers from Marin Software presented his thoughts on search and social integration from our white paper during the conference, and with Turkey having Europe’s highest Facebook penetration in terms of the percentage of the population with an account there was a lot of interest in the topic. We also spoke to a lot of advertisers interested in integrating Customer Lifetime Value into their online advertising optimization and shared some of the thoughts from our recent white paper on the topic. All in all, it was a very well organized conference with some great speakers so congratulations to the team at Webit!

Are You the Geek to Beat? SMX Biggest Social Geek Contest Launches Today

By September 3rd, 2014

If you’re in the business of gaining traffic and attention for your company through the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites then…


We’re on a quest to find the Biggest Social Geek – someone who lives and breathes social media advertising and is a speedy test-taker to boot. Sound like you or someone you know? Then try your hand at Marin Software and Search Marketing Expo’s inaugural SMX Biggest Social Geek Contest, which launches today.

If you prove to be the social media smarty-pants to out-geek them all, answering the most questions correctly in the shortest amount of time, you’ll win a trip for 2 to SMX Social in Las Vegas, an award presented onstage by Marin’s CMO Matt Ackley, and your choice of an Apple iPad Mini, Sony PlayStation 4, or an Xbox One.

Think you have what it takes? Test your social IQ now and find out if you’re the geek to beat!

Marin Software’s Busy Schedule At DMEXCO 2014

By August 14th, 2014

It’s that time of year again! DMEXCO, Europe’s largest online marketing trade show and conference, kicks off in Cologne, Germany on September 10th & 11th, 2014. Over these two days, experts from around the world will come together to discuss the latest trends and topics in the industry.

Of course, Marin Software will be present with a full-blown schedule. Come say hello!

  • You´ll find us in HALL 7 on STAND C26
  • We’ll have a number of Marin Software experts at the show, but their schedules are filling up quickly. Secure your meeting with one of our experts NOW to learn more about Marin Software and how you can optimize your search, social and display ads with our leading cross-channel performance advertising platform.

Secure your meeting now!

  • Hear our experts speak about these topics at our “Speaker’s Corner” stand:

  • You’re invited to join us for Happy Hour Drinks on Wednesday, September 10th at 5pm! There will be drinks, snacks and your last chance to win tickets for the Rockstars After Party!
  • After a busy first day at DMEXCO you will also find the Marin Software team relaxing in the Marin Software Networking Lounge at the DMEXCO Rockstars After Party.

Remember, you’re always more than welcome to drop by our stand for a refreshing drink or coffee during the day and don’t forget to try your luck to win tickets for THE party during DMEXCO.

We’re looking forward to your visit,

Your DMEXCO Team from Marin Software

PS: Don’t forget to try your luck and win some exclusive party tickets!

#MarinMasters NY 2014 Streamcap

By April 15th, 2014

Last week, we were proud to host another engaging Marin Masters in NYC! Customers and partners gathered to network, share insights, and take in presentations from some of today’s top digital marketers. A big thanks to everyone who attended, and here’s a transcribed streamcap in case you missed it (#MarinMasters on Twitter):

The Marin Vision: Turning Complexity into Opportunity 
Matt Ackley, CMO, Marin Software

Customer Targeting and Optimization in Action
Cameron Urry, Senior Interactive Marketing Manager at Extra Space Storage

Audience Targeting and Building a Database of Intent
Molly Parr, Director of Product Marketing at BlueKai

Deconstructing Digital Daily Habits: A Deeper Understanding of How Gen Y/Z Affects Online Advertising
Edwin Wong, Senior Director of B2B Strategic Research & Insights at Yahoo!

Attribution & Optimization Techniques for Multi-Channel Success 
Panelists: Matej Horava – Head of Partnerships at LiveRamp, Paul Pellman – CEO of Adometry, David Greenbaum – CEO of Boost Media

Mobile Audience Targeting
Cathy Boyle, Senior Analyst of Mobile at eMarketer, Inc.

Combining Search & Social: The Performance Marketing Multiplier
Dan Morris – Senior Product Marketing Manager, Marin Software

The Digital Transformation of an Industry Vertical
Brian Long, Senior Manager of Performance Marketing at AutoTrader and Ian MacDonald, Senior Manager and Director of Consumer Marketing at AutoTrader

Fireside Chat
Chris Lien, CEO of Marin Software and Melissa Esmundo, VP of Marketing at Though Mudder

  • Got the faux fire going for our fireside chat with Marin CEO and Tough Mudder’s Melissa Esmundo #marinmasters
  • Internationally, Tough Mudder uses a lot of Display advertising since social and search channels more fragmented #marinmasters
  • Interesting marketing tactics from @ToughMudder to drive obstacle course event sign ups. #MarinMasters #measure - Paul Pellman (@ppellman)
  • @mesmundo Story telling & content narrative campaigns start in fall in “off season.” Move into direct with start of season #marinmasters
  • @mesmundo Better mobile experience and better mobile optimization drove 40% increase in engagement on mobile #marinmasters
  • @mesmundo Build awareness over social leveraging iconic images. Constant changing landscape of mobile a challenge #marinmasters
  • @mesmundo Conversion process starts early with educating consumers what a Tough Mudder event is. Starts with Social. #marinmasters
  • #marinmasters – brought to you by Melissa Esmundo Senior VP Marketing, Tough Mudder – “the mo moment” understanding the mobile experience- Ken Solano (@kensolo_2345)

Miscellaneous Fun

Meet Dana: Marin Team Member & Inspiring Advocate

By April 14th, 2014

Marin Software is fortunate to have over 500 employees around the globe, and today we’re excited to tell you about Dana Carpenter! A member of our research team in Austin, Dana is also an advocate for people with disabilities and recently participated in her second Ms. Wheelchair Texas. This unique competition is dedicated to promoting the achievements and needs of people with disabilities, and it does so with glamour and glitz!

Ms Wheelchair Texas 2014 participants

This year’s gala and competition was held on March 29th in Houston.

Contestants in Ms. Wheelchair Texas utilize wheelchairs for 100% of their daily mobility needs, and compete to become a spokeswoman for millions of Americans with disabilities. During the course of the competition, each participant delivers a speech on a disability issue they feel strongly about and plan to support. This year, Dana’s platform was all about bringing awareness to companies on how flexible employment solutions – such as working from home – can increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities who are otherwise qualified for the position.

“Transportation is a huge barrier to employment for people with disabilities,” Dana said. “As of February of this year, only 19% of people with disabilities were employed compared to about 80% of their able bodied counterparts. All it takes is creativity and flexibility to make a difference!”

In her role at Marin, Dana is able to work from home, eliminating worries about how to get to and from the office. Her manager Paul Greer noted, “Dana’s efforts and warm positive demeanor strongly contribute to our overall goal to provide best in class sales development support.  She is an asset and ally and we’re very glad she chose Marin.”

Dana Carpenter Ms. Wheelchair Texas

Dana was escorted on stage in style.

Bobby Hollis, Senior Manager of Sales Development and close friend of Dana’s, echoed that sentiment saying, “Dana is not only a solid contribution to our team and culture, she backs it up with solid quality work that is making great impact to our sales process. Selfishly we want her in the office more because she’s just a ball to be around but quite honestly we are extremely fortunate to have her with us in any capacity.”

Dana loves competing in Ms. Wheelchair Texas, saying she appreciates being around other women in similar situations. “You really do form a sisterhood so to speak,” she explained. “Also, it is so empowering to be on that stage sharing all the ways we are changing the lives of people with disabilities! You feel like you can take on the world, and win!”

2014 Ms Wheelchair Texas participants

Dana (back, third from left) hangs out with the Ms. Wheelchair participants.

Marin is proud to support Dana in her advocacy, and to hire the best employees regardless of physical disability or mobility issues. If you want to learn more about Ms. Wheelchair Texas, please visit their website or watch Dana’s speech on YouTube.

“Marin has given me the opportunity to work from home, while still making me feel like I’m part of a team,” Dana said. “How cool is that?!”



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