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3 Reasons Why Advertising on Instagram Has Never Been Easier

By September 3rd, 2015

“There are too many options! How do I know where to put my social advertising dollars?”

It’s a common scenario that every marketer faces, but thankfully Instagram has made your decision a lot easier by establishing itself as a clear and effective option.

How did they do that, you ask? They made it easy in three main ways:

1. Easy Choice

Instagram is an easy choice for marketers because it’s proven itself through its authentic, highly engaged, and rapidly growing community. Consider the numbers….

  • Want to reach a lot of people? Instagram has over 300 million monthly active users.
  • Need to drive global engagement? Over 70% of Instagram’s users are located outside the US.
  • Looking for a platform to grow with your brand? Instagram is the fastest-growing major mobile property.
  • Seeking out a lucrative audience? 73% of Instagram’s users are 15-35, and year-over-year engagement is up 108%.

It’s a no-brainer. And not only does Instagram deserve your social advertising dollars, it also deserves your branding dollars. Think outside of specific channels, and consider the function Instagram could serve as part of your overall marketing program.


2. Easy Start

Getting started with Instagram advertising is simple, thanks to some recent changes. You no longer need to sign an insertion order, and gone are the days of hefty spend minimums.

With the advent of the Instagram Ads API, you can now go through select Facebook Marketing Partners or agencies (like Marin!) to start advertising right away. This means fast onboarding and whatever level of spend you choose.


3. Easy Management

How about actually managing your Instagram ads? Well, that’s easier than ever, too.

Consider the workflow in Marin Social, where you can manage, measure, optimize, and report on Instagram campaigns alongside Facebook and Twitter. You can also take advantage of advanced features that help you save time, reach the right audiences, gain better insights, and achieve your specific business goals on the network.

Instagram is also making changes to provide advertisers with a fairly seamless workflow. Just last week, they announced support for landscape and portrait formats. This has big implications for using the same creative across Facebook and Instagram, particularly when it comes to video.

Ready, Set, Go!

Have we inspired you to get started with Instagram advertising yet? Stay tuned for more best practice content to come, let us know if we can help, and good luck!

Sources: Check out Iconosquare for demographic statistics, eMarketer for engagement information, and Instagram for Business for platform data.

Calling All Social Geeks! 2nd Annual Biggest Social Geek Contest Launches Today

By August 17th, 2015

Do you spend your days creating and optimizing social marketing campaigns? Are you focused on ROI, CPC, CPM, CVR, CPLC, and a million other acronyms? Do you regularly find yourself on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram – all for work?

If so, you could be the 2015 Biggest Social Geek!

We’re looking for somebody who lives and breathes social media advertising. Test your social savvy by challenging yourself to our 20-question quiz, which launches today. You could win an all-expense-paid trip to SocialPro in Las Vegas, plus your choice of an Apple iPad Mini, Xbox One, or Sony PlayStation 4.

Ready to get started? Play Biggest Social Geek now!

Marin Software and Boost Media Expand Partnership To Bring Customers Highly Relevant Ad Creative

By August 6th, 2015

Boost Media is excited to partner with Marin Software, the leading cross-channel performance advertising cloud. Through the complementary nature of the two platforms, Marin customers will now be able to leverage Boost Media’s curated marketplace of expert copywriters and testing technology to optimize creative across search, social, and display campaigns. The combination of Boost Media and Marin Software ensures the highest return on search marketing dollars and a scalable best of breed strategy.

Search results pages have become crowded collections of nearly identical ad creatives. Standing out in this crowd matters now more than ever. Consumers want more relevant and targeted communications from the brands they engage with and the current approach with search ad copy fails to deliver.

The biggest opportunity to increase your search campaign performance is through improving your search ad copy. Boost Media is the leading Creative Optimization Platform and works with leading enterprise brands to scale the sourcing, testing, and optimization of search ad copy.

Writing and optimizing ad copy is a challenge for many marketers due to scale, constrained resources, and lack of insight into what drives ROI. Boost Media offers a platform that combines the power of a curated marketplace of human writers and designers combined with a SaaS platform for automated insight and analysis. With the Boost Creative Optimization Suite, organizations can marry the natural creativity of individuals with the automation and efficiency of a cloud-based platform, to generate ad copy at scale.


Download Boost Media’s Creative Optimization one sheet here to learn more about optimizing your ad creative.


About the Author

sarahSarah manages Content Marketing at Boost Media and leads a team of marketing professionals to drive revenue through complex B2B marketing campaigns in the ad tech industry. Prior to joining Boost, Sarah developed marketing and sales strategy at BNY Mellon, a top 10 private wealth management firm. In a former life, Sarah worked in journalism writing for magazines including Boston Magazine, The Improper Bostonian, and Luxury Travel. When she’s not writing engaging content, Sarah enjoys cooking, running, and yoga.

About Boost Media

Boost Media increases advertiser profitability by using a combination of humans and a proprietary software platform to drive increased ad relevance at scale. The Boost marketplace comprises over 1,000 expert copywriters and image optimizers who compete to provide a diverse array of perspectives. Boost’s proprietary software identifies opportunities for creative optimization and drives performance using a combination of workflow tools and algorithms. Headquartered in San Francisco, the Boost Media optimization platform provides fresh, performance-driven creative in 12 localized languages worldwide.

Click here to schedule a free demo of the Creative Optimization platform today.

Marin Social Integrates with Instagram

By August 6th, 2015

One of the fastest-growing major mobile properties, Instagram is home to an engaged and authentic community of over 300 million users. Each day, they share an average of 70 million photos and give out 2.5 billion likes. But more than that, Instagram is a deeply meaningful part of their lives. Of Instagrammers aged 13-24, 53% credit the platform with helping them define who they are.

Instagram is a place to be visually creative, to find inspiration, and to share unique perspectives. And it’s also an exceptional opportunity for social advertisers. In fact, 68% of users aged 13-24 say they interact with brands regularly, either by looking at photos, liking content, following a brand, visiting its website, or engaging in some other way.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Marin Social is integrating with the Instagram Ads API, to extend our cross-channel and cross-publisher support to this growing mobile property.

Integrating with the Instagram Ads API

Since gaining access to the newly developed Instagram Ads API, our engineers have been busy building an integration. And now we’re pleased to be working with a handful of customers to test brand awareness and direct response campaigns.

One such advertiser, NET-A-PORTER, uses Instagram to promote fashion events with top industry influencers. Instagram has proven to be a powerful channel for building relationships with existing customers and reaching new audiences who are interested in luxury brands.

“The Instagram Ads API allows us to target a very specific European audience within 24 hours of our events,” said Helen McGee, Head of Marketing, International, NET-A-PORTER. “With Marin’s support, we drove awareness of our brand, and are better able to share exceptional fashion content with our customers.”

A Panoramic View of Social Performance

Marin Social support allows brands and agencies to easily create, test, and optimize their Instagram campaigns. Even better? Instagram campaigns can be managed conveniently alongside Facebook and Twitter, so advertisers gain valuable performance insights and management efficiencies across their entire advertising program.

We look forward to working with more advertisers once Instagram moves to their beta phase, so keep an eye out for future developments. Oh, and make sure to follow us on Instagram!

More Information

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Marin and Yahoo’s Relationship Gets Serious

By July 23rd, 2015

One of Marin Software’s big value propositions is our cross-publisher capabilities and our robust support for the world’s leading publishers. We work closely with Google, Yahoo, Yahoo Japan, Bing, Baidu, and Yandex to ensure we’re providing the latest features from each one, and that customers can easily see and compare performance across publishers within our platform. As an example, Marin was first to launch support for Yahoo! Gemini earlier this year. Now, we’re excited to announce that we’re taking our relationship to the next level as a Gemini Preferred Partner.

What is a Gemini Preferred Partner?

The Gemini Preferred Partner Program was created to bring advertisers, agencies, and technology partners together to find and develop innovative digital marketing solutions. According to Alex Mrazek, Senior Director, Partner Development, Yahoo, “Through a higher standard of Gemini product integration and client services, this program will drive advertiser performance, scale, and ROI.” Check out Yahoo’s new page for the program:

What does this mean for Marin?

Yahoo selected Marin as a launching member of the Gemini Preferred Partner Program, as Marin is an established industry leader and is equipped to offer Gemini advertisers a top of the line solution. As a Gemini Preferred Partner, Marin is committed to delivering the highest standard of technology integration with Yahoo and client services. Customers can count on Marin to provide the latest updates from Gemini, and offer the best in class service that we’re known for to help address any questions or issues.

An example of how Marin helps customers with Gemini is our recent launch of Cloner for Gemini. With Cloner, you can easily copy objects from your Google accounts into Yahoo Gemini, resulting in faster and easier onboarding. For more information on Cloner and other Gemini features, please contact us here:

To learn more about the Gemini Preferred Partner Program, read Yahoo’s blog post on the program’s launch:

Introducing the New Marin Support Center

By July 7th, 2015

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to enhance our Support Center making it better than ever before. This Friday, July 10th, you’ll be able to discover the countless improvements for yourself first-hand as we launch the new design and interface! Want a sneak peek? Watch the video below for more information about how the new Support Center makes it easier to learn about new features, find answers quickly, and truly help you to make the most of the Marin platform.

The Smartest Way to Advertise on Multiple Publishers

By June 24th, 2015

Many Search advertisers are growing their audience reach by advertising on multiple publishers. While Google may still be the dominant force in the market, Bing is quickly growing. An April 2015 study conducted by Merkle | RKG shows that spend in Bing for Q1 2015 grew 36%, compared to Google’s 13%.

As many savvy advertisers already know, by diversifying your advertising spend across multiple publishers, you’re not only reaching new audiences – you’re achieving lower CPCs from decreased competition. Thankfully, it’s not too late to take advantage of these benefits, as it’s now easier – and faster – than ever to incorporate new publishers into your Search advertising efforts. All it takes is enhanced ad campaign management and a firm understanding of each publisher’s unique value proposition.

Streamline Management

You most likely have established objects (accounts, campaigns, groups, etc.) in Google – now, you may want to run the same tried and true objects on other publishers. But, the thought of having to recreate every single campaign again from scratch is enough to cause you to cling to Google, instead of moving above and beyond.

Marin Smart Sync – Easily create and sync campaigns from Google

Thankfully, there are tools available today to help simplify a potentially overwhelming workflow. Platforms like Marin with Smart Sync allow you to pair objects in Google with other advertisers such as Bing. By selecting an object to pair, Smart Sync automatically copies the parent object in Google into Bing (the child object) – with a simple click of a button. Additionally, any changes that get made to the parent object in Google are automatically synced with the child object. This way, you’re essentially only managing the parent object in Google, but getting the added benefit of advertising on multiple publishers.

Understand the Unique Strengths of Each Publisher

When considering integrating another publisher into your advertising strategy, it’s important to include how the publisher is going to help you achieve your business goals. Certain publishers, like Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia, offer regional strengths. With strong local language support and more culturally relevant search results, they’ve steadily been holding onto the number one spot in Search in their respective countries.

Other publishers, like Bing, are partnered with Yahoo to offer an impressive expansive audience reach, with the ability to have ads displayed across the web properties of both publishers. Yahoo also has their Gemini offering, which allows advertisers to easily integrate Native advertising – the newest advertising format that’s gaining buzz in the digital advertising industry – into their search strategy. Additionally, Bing has grown its search share from 8% to 20% in just six years – making it an increasingly popular choice among advertisers. Understanding which publishers fit into your goals will help you reap the maximum benefits of advertising across multiple publishers.

A Single Solution for Advertising Across Publishers

Tools like Smart Sync make it easier than ever for advertisers to incorporate multiple publishers into their search advertising strategy. As John Cosley, Bing Ads Director of Brand and Digital Marketing, states, “We’re excited that Smart Sync will now make it easier for advertisers to create, manage and optimize their Bing Ads campaigns. Today Bing powers one in three searches in the US, and with Bing being integrated in the upcoming release of Windows 10, we expect our market share to continue to grow. With Smart Sync, advertisers now have an easier way to tap into Bing Ads’ growing audience while applying the freshest campaign strategies.”

If you’ve ever considered expanding your search advertising efforts beyond Google, now’s the time to give it a shot. With all the benefits that different publishers have to offer, and the alleviation of all the complexities of managing campaigns across them thanks to tools like Smart Sync, this is the moment to see what other publishers can do for you!

USA, UK, and Now the European Search Marketing Award for Marin

By April 24th, 2015

Nothing makes us more proud than having the privilege of taking home the European Search Award for Best PPC Management Software Suite, as we did this week in Berlin. But what makes this win extra sweet is that it represents the finishing touch in a successive streak of Search Award victories across the USA, UK and Europe, solidifying Marin’s position as the global leader in the search marketing industry.

photo (11)_rotated

To add a special touch to this PPC love story, we’ve also had the honor of sharing several of these triumphs with our clients. took home the most recent Dadi award for Best Use of Paid Search, and proved themselves a force to be reckoned with again on Wednesday securing the European Search Award for Best PPC Campaign. was also recognized at the EU Search Awards for Best In-House Team – an accolade that acknowledges a truly outstanding group that consistently exhibits unparalleled understanding and use of search as a digital marketing revenue driver.

This most recent Search Award win represents Marin’s seventh in the last five years, showing our unprecedented momentum since opening up shop in 2009. We look forward to many more years of growth and innovation supporting our clients in their cross-channel digital advertising efforts – and are currently having another shelf built as we strive for future award wins.

Marin to Acquire Europe’s #1 Social Advertising Platform

By February 5th, 2015

sigmaToday we announced our agreement to acquire the #1 social advertising platform in Europe, SocialMoov.

Social is now the fastest-growing category in the digital advertising space and a vital part of any marketing mix. Acquiring SocialMoov propels our social offering forward, and fulfills our vision of providing the industry’s most powerful cross-channel advertising cloud.

With the addition of SocialMoov, we are excited to provide:

  • Twitter and Facebook campaign management in a single easy-to-use interface
  • Intraday reporting and optimization for immediate insights any time of the day
  • Optimization based on budgets, product feeds, and even TV flight schedules
  • Access to new features including Multi-Product Ads and Reach & Frequency Targeting
  • Flexible audience segmentation to understand performance across any attribute

We are thrilled to have the social experts at SocialMoov join Marin as we offer our customers a best-in-class search, display and social toolset. To better understand the powerful results possible when integrating your social advertising with your search intent data, please get your copy of the best practice guide The Multiplier Effect of Integrating Search & Social Ads.

Since 2011, SocialMoov has grown to become an innovative social advertising platform boasting several accomplishments that can’t be overlooked. SocialMoov is a top-five global Facebook PMD, was the first European platform to develop Twitter support, and is the first to synchronize social advertising with TV ads – all undeniable achievements.

Marin customers will now be able to combine social campaign data with complementary data sets from their search and display campaigns, allowing advertisers to more accurately create, target, and convert audience segments across the web.

We are excited to continue to provide marketers a unified platform through which they can leverage the latest technological advancements in search, display and social advertising. If you want to learn more about how Marin can help you find and convert your highest value audiences across channels and devices, contact us.

You can also read more about today’s news in the press release and our SocialMoov acquisition FAQ, or check out this video.

Going Mobile: An Introduction to Cross-Device Targeting

By February 2nd, 2015

As marketers have increasingly taken an audience-centric approach to marketing, cross-device targeting has become an essential part of their marketing strategy. The promise of delivering a consistent and cohesive experience to customers across channels and devices is a key part of the value proposition.

In this post, we’ll go through some of the basics of cross-device targeting: What is it? How does it work? In subsequent posts, we’ll discuss the importance of ad delivery and also cover some best practices.

An Introduction to Cross-Device Targeting

You can break cross-device targeting into two distinct functions:

1. The first function is the “cross-device” piece – the ability to match data and identify a single user across multiple devices. The desktop-to-mobile scenario is one of the more popular use cases, but cross-device can also encompass desktop-to-desktop, mobile-to-mobile, and mobile-to-desktop (not to mention non-desktop/mobile devices, like TVs).

2. The second function represents the “targeting” aspect – the ability to deliver a targeted ad to that user across their different devices.

In this post, we’ll focus on the cross-device matching piece.

Matching Device IDs: Probabilistic vs. Deterministic

Accurately matching users across different devices is challenging. For example, a user accesses her phone from a coffeeshop in Hoboken on Monday, her office computer from Manhattan on Tuesday, and her tablet while on the road from an airport in Duluth on Wednesday. How can an advertiser know these three instances all reflect a single user?

There are two models for figuring this out:

1. The first method relies on identity data like login information or device IDs. This is known as deterministic matching. For example, if a user signs onto Facebook on their computer and their phone, an advertiser can be assured that both devices belong to the same the user.
2. The second method relies on statistical modeling to piece together a single identity based on multiple non-personally identifiable data points such as cookies, device data or browser data. This is known as probabilistic matching.

While deterministic matching is more accurate than probabilistic matching, it comes at the cost of data ownership, as the major owners of that login data – Facebook and Google – prevent advertisers from using it outside of their ecosystems. In contrast, while probabilistic matching trades off on some accuracy, advertisers can leverage their proprietary data however they want.

In practice, advertisers have to use a combination of both approaches to balance scale, performance and control.

In the next post, we’ll focus on the “targeting” part of the “cross-device targeting” equation, and how ad exchanges play an essential role in the process.


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